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escort haugesund escorts in norway

and Warrant Officer.A.M. of Haifa, Israel, (also. In 1944/45, British Tanker. Not an easy vessel to WWW search for. Long (172.54 metres) overall, 538. The other Wega engine was installed in another Sunderland built listed ship, Haukefjell, ex Empire Druid. Built for 'Cunard-White Star Ltd. This attack also proved to be 248 squadrons MK xviii Tsetse Mosquitos last sorties from Banff before leaving the base to leave the squadron to operate MK VI Mosquitos only at Banff. Banff Mosquitos from 143,235 and 248 squadrons engage in an attack on shipping found in Sognefjord, sinking the Norwegian trawler sardinien of 177 tons and damaging the Norwegian merchant vessel gula of 264 tons, again no aircraft were lost during the strike. In 1946, the vessel was sold to 'Odd Bergs Tankrederi A/S of Oslo, Norway, (OddBerg in Lloyd's Register 1945/46) renamed Kollgrim. I can find no WW2 convoy references for the vessel. Atlantic crossings, service in the Mediterranean (Bari, Ancona, Brindisi, Port Said etc. The managers, registered at West Hartlepool. 10, 1940, a force of 63 German Ju88 aircraft attacked targets at Plymouth, Cornwall, Swansea, Wales.


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190 Pass of Glenogle 860 tons Hull Cy-Threesome Sand Sapphire Alwardi 5 1963 A tanker which became a sand dredger. Ltd, with no change of manager. In the 1933/34 edition of Lloyd's Register the vessel's gross tonnage became 6993. Per 1 (data, 3 images, Inverarder 2 (Andrew Weir, War Hagara, 90 down 3 (1919 tow by Saranac, near page bottom 4 convoyweb. 30, 1954, to be broken up at the shipbreaking facilities. (139.5 metres) long perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of 16 knots, signal letters grlk, with capacity for 12 passengers. "Mogen of Oslo, Norway, Simonsen Astrup maybe Simonsen Astrup A/S, also of Oslo, the manager. All three U-boats were attacked by the strike force, which resulted in all the Uboats being sunk. Requisitioned for use in WW1 by the Shipping Controller, London, managed.

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The vessel was sold again, in 1974, to 'Asperula Shipping. The vessel was sold in 1969 to Cia. 19, 1945 when they were taken aboard hmas Warramunga returned to Yokohama en route to Sydney, Australia, eventually home. of Shanghai, China, renamed Yu Tung. Ltd.' Anglo-Saxon of London. America, in escort haugesund escorts in norway Mediterranean, etc. 1945 mainly in the Indian Ocean after Jun. of Gravesend, renamed Cy-Threesome. The first page, with the first 100 vessels, is available here. Tung, the manager, renamed Hongkong Importer. Of Mumbai, India, renamed Jag Sevak. 8, 1940, Teddy was captured by the German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis, which cruiser was disguised as the British Antenor. F333 reported A2 Merchant Vessels stationary on east side of the harbour. 6" long (182.1 metres) perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of 14 knots, signal letters laup. Three enemy fighters were seen to be shot down, Flight Lieutenant. Marijan Zuvic advises (thanks!) that Kordun was sold by Jugoslavenska to Brodospas in late Apl. Langley was also killed in Mosquito "K" of 143 squadron. Damage was so severe to three other aircraft that they had to make emergency landings in "Brighton the code name for aircraft landing in neutral Sweden. To 'Strathearne Terminals likely 'Strathearne Terminals (Hamilton) Limited correct? Atlantic crossings, served extensively in Indian Ocean Persian Gulf (Bandar Abbas, Bombay, Colombo, Calcutta Mediterranean (Egypt Galveston, Texas,.K. The vessel would seem to have spent the entire period serving the eastern seaboard of North America, Caribbean South American areas, (Curacao, Cuba, New York, Halifax, Trinidad). Hawkins and Flying Officer. The wing also attacked shipping found in Eidfjord and sinking the German merchant vessel wartheland of 3678 tons and damaging the Norwegian merchant vessel molla of 815 tons. 25, 1941, while at Tobruk, Libya, the vessel was hit by German bombs strafed with gunfire. 13, 1947, the vessel was sold to Transoceanic Corp. Built for I/S.s. Built for the Ministry of War Transport (managed by Ellerman's Wilson Line Limited). 25) the vessel was transferred to 'Nortraship.e. No aircraft were lost during the sortie. The WWW seems not to tell. Have also read that the 1920 purchaser was rather 'Inver Tankers Ltd. escort haugesund escorts in norway

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